Company Profile

Bollywood meets NY streets!
Launched in 2006, for the first time, Posh Pari, took the glamour of Bollywood and blended it with the attitude and practicality of NYC. Posh Pari couture creates clothes that are unique, elegant, and have a western sophistication with a NY edge. It caters to the new generation of South Asians who want to redefine the traditional desi look, and who seek to have a touch of modernization and a reflection of their era, times and trends in their desi ensembles, while still keeping some cultural elements intact.
Posh Pari designs play with unique non-traditional, beautiful, innovative western fabrications and silhouettes to give its clientele a modern and current look that transcends all boundaries, and translates easily in to the western lifestyle of the global desis. Posh Pari collections are designed to be truly versatile, practical and functional, with highest quality materials and design elements. Most of the designs can be worn separately, and can easily intermix with the western wardrobe of the client, no matter where they are in the world.
Posh Pari customer is confident, proud of her heritage, respects and embraces her ethnicity, but is also bold, modern and stylish. Posh Pari differs from other such fashion houses, as it is truly a cut above the rest -being designed by very experienced and accomplished, Award winning Fashion Designer- TINA TANDON-  trained at the top Fashion school in the world- Fashion Institute of Technology- (FIT- NYC).
Posh Pari Collections are Limited Edition, Limited Quantity, and for Limited Times! Grab them when they launch!
Social Cause & Mission
Posh Pari also prides itself in helping empower women and children through its business operations by employing women seamstresses and producing with women-owned factories, and also giving a percentage of the proceeds to Women & Children NGOs working closely with the children & women from the slums of India.
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